Meet 15 year old author Triston Dawkins

Mt. Zion Interview with Triston Dawkins

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"Learn to Fight Bell 2 Bell"

January 19, 2020

Pastor Leslie S. Davis

Christmas Musical 

December 22, 2019

First three songs

Christmas Musical 

December 22, 2019

Music, Sermon, and Children

"Gospel on the Lawn"

Featuring Jasmine Ashcroft, Mt. Zion Adult Choir, Youth Choir, MOZ Choir, and Ensemble. Other Special Guests, Ikea Norris, and Rev. Leslie Davis :)

Join us for our next "Gospel on the Lawn (Youth Edition)" August 25 at 6 PM. By the way, we raised $150.00 for our scholarship fund. Thanks for your support!

Creative Praise

Jaiden and Todj Easter Morning